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Gender reveal party : what is this ?

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Cousin of the baby shower, the gender reveal party is a party to discover and reveal in an original way the sex of your baby to your family and close friends. Find out what you need to know to organize a great gender reveal party.

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What a gender reveal party is ?


The gender reveal party is also done during pregnancy. It is during the ultrasound of the fifth month that parents are able to know the sex of the baby. The gender reveal party will allow to announce if it is a girl or a boy in a more original and amusing way than the ultrasound picture.
In comparison, the baby shower is to celebrate the baby’s arrival. It takes place later in the pregnancy and usually between girls. You will find all the information concerning this practice in another article of the blog.

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How the day is going ?

To organize a gender reveal party, two people must be in the confidence: your doctor and the person in charge of organizing this beautiful party. Therefore, your doctor will write on a piece of paper the sex of the baby, which he will enclose in an envelope. This envelope will then be given to your Event Planner or the person in charge of organizing the party. On D-Day, parents will find out the sex of the baby at the same time as their guests. Sometimes they decide to find out the sex beforehand and organize a gender reveal party to surprise their loved ones. In the same way, the mom can surprise the dad, by announcing it to him at the same time as to the guests.

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The decoration of your gender reveal party

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Usually, the decoration is pink and blue. But you can do something completely different ! You can use monochrome decoration. Also, you can simply use two other different colors such as yellow and gray, or purple and blue, or black and white. Finally, don’t forget to alternate and mix the colors well so that the mystery continues. Balloons, candles, garlands, crockery, glasses, accessories… You have a lot of choices concerning the decoration. The garlands or arches of balloons are very popular for this kind of event and this iss particularly pretty!

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Don’t forget to decorate your sweet table

So you can have pretty personalized cookies and cup cakes made, provide colorful drinks, candies in the colors of the event etc … You can also make cakes, pop cakes, donuts or any delicacy of your choice!
You will have understood it, the goal of a gender reveal party is to announce the sex of the baby. It is the same for the decoration, it is necessary to let the doubt float. Do not hesitate to play the humor card in your decoration!!

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The revelation : baby boy or baby girl ?

There are several ways to reveal the sex of your baby:

  • a gender cake: it’s a big cake, which can take the shape of a wedding cake, with neutral icing. It contains in its heart, a coulis, candies or a blue or pink sponge cake. Of course, it works with any color, depending on your theme. It is by cutting the cake that you will discover the color, and therefore the sex.
  • the darts game: put sequins of the same color in several balloons and the color chosen for your baby’s sex in another balloon. The goal will be to burst the balloons until they fall on the different color which will announce the sex of the baby.
  • smoke or confetti cannons, another original way to announce the sex of the baby. Moreover, this year the smoke guns are very trendy and it will make you beautiful pictures.

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For your animations, you can use the same ones as for the baby shower. Offer your guests « mother-to-be » workshops by guessing the taste of the little baby pots, the one that puts a diaper as quickly as possible to a baby etc … In addition, you can also make prediction animations. Put a table at the disposal of the guests and let them note what they think about sex, weight, date of birth, who will look like the baby etc …

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