Top 3 rituals for your secular ceremony

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Top 3 rituals for your secular ceremony

Secular ceremony, often in the open air, is increasingly attractive to the French people. They really appreciate the friendly and moving aspect of this moment. Find out the top 3 rituals for a beautiful secular ceremony.

If you want to provide rhythm and character to your celebration, add those rituals to your ceremony ! 

The sand ritual

This is a very symbolic ritual which consists in fusing two sands of different colours in the same vase. The bride and groom pour at the same time the sand of the colour representing them. All the grains are finally mixed and it is then impossible to separate them.
Therefore, it symbolizes the union of the couple and their unbreakable bond !
Also, if you have a blended family, children can also participate in this ritual as a sign of family merger. A strong emotional moment!

Rituel du sable

Photo credit Coralie Garavel

The wine sealed ritual

For this ritual, you have to be patient ! It’s very simple, you just have to seal in a box a good bottle of wine. You probably wonder why a bottle of wine ? Simply to materialize the promise of your love. Wishing the time will have the same effect on your union as it has on wine !
Put the bottle in a pretty wooden box and you also can add your wishes inside. Then, the box must be sealed and keep in a safe place so that you can open it in a few years. To celebrate one your wedding anniversary for example.

In that time, you will see how your love, like the bottle of wine, has evolved over the years. It will be very emotional to remember the beautiful promises that were made on your wedding day.

Rituel du vin scellé

Photo credit Country Barnbabe

The ribbons ritual

Photo credit Plume événements pétillants

This one is a very old Celtic ritual dating from the 5th century AD. The ribbons ritual is very often used in secular ceremonies for its symbolism. It is very nice to see and you will have amazing pictures of it !

Usually, the wrists of the bride and the groom are tied with colored ribbons. Each color is representing values such as passion, trust or even joy.

Basically, you can choose 5 colours and so 5 principles that are close to your heart and reflect your relationship. Then, ask your officiant or someone close to you to tie your wrists. So that the guests can clearly see the ribbons.

Once all the ribbons are tied, they will be cut at the opposite of the knot. At the end, you can keep it as a memory and why not hang it in your guestbook ?

Actually, the symbolic ritual has to be chosen to represent the values of your couple. If you don’t find a ritual that suits you, you can perfectly create your own ritual ! So, do not hesitate to discuss it with your ceremonial officiant or your Wedding Planner if you have one. Make this celebration a unique moment that truly reflects your story !


Which rituals have you planned for your secular ceremony ?