What you need to know to organize a baby shower

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What you need to know to organize a baby shower

A Baby Shower is THE fashionable party that all future mothers love. It comes straight from the United States and its goal is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby. As its name suggests, the term “Shower”, meaning shower, refers to the flood of gifts that the baby (or mom) will receive for his birth. In comparison, The Baby Shower is similar to a bachelorette party for weddings.

Find out what you need to know to organize a baby shower like a pro!

When and where to organize a baby shower ?

The Baby Shower is usually planned between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy, the mother-to-be is well, and all the more available because she is on maternity leave. Nevertheless, out of superstition, some women will prefer to organize it after the birth of the baby.

You, mother-to-be, can decide to organize your own Baby Shower! Or, to delegate, as tradition dictates, to someone close to you.
Most often, the Baby Shower is organized at the future mother’s home. The advantage is that she won’t need to travel. On the other hand, if it is a surprise, you will have to be discreet and plan the future daddy in confidence. Also, you can organize the party at a relative’s home or in an original place. In a garden or park, a café or restaurant, in a baby store, at a creative workshop, in a meadow, on the beach, in the mountains… In short, think of a place that reflects the personality of the mother-to-be!.

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Who are the guests ?

The Baby Shower is initially a party strictly reserved for women. However, morals are changing and this rule is becoming more flexible by allowing men to attend this small party. So nothing forbids you to organize a mixed party.

You can invite your close entourage : the moms, your brothers and sisters as well as some friends. If you want to fully enjoy your day, plan a maximum of fifteen people.

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How to animate a baby shower ?

In addition to the decoration centered around the birth, it will be necessary to think of the various animations which you wish to propose. According to the tradition of the Baby Shower, we organize games that will revolve around the world of childhood and birth. Be careful however to choose activities that are accessible and adapted for a woman who is 8 months pregnant.
Here are a few ideas for activities that will satisfy a large number of you:

  • a photo session with the mother-to-be, with a photobooth for example,
  • a massage or sophrology session,
  • the game of taste: you have to blindfold the mother-to-be and make her guess the tastes of the little baby jars,
  • the riddles: on the first name, the date of birth, his weight, his height, who the baby will look like the most…,
  • change a baby’s diaper as quickly as possible, blindfolded or not,
  • make an impression of the mother’s belly using a kit or specialized plaster,
  • the photo game: take baby pictures of your guests and guess who it’s for.
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Some gifts ideas for a mother-to-be

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Finally, the long-awaited moment of the Baby Shower is the unwrapping of the gifts! Gifts can be as much for the future baby as for the mother. So give her what you would have liked to receive if you were expecting a child!
Usually, during Baby Shower, gifts are offered that are more or less useful. Gadgets, playful or funny for the mother and the baby. Here are a few examples:

  • vouchers for hours of babysitting,
  • a changing bag or a purse for mom,
  • a diaper basket or a diaper cake,
  • bottles, soothers or shower kit,
  • a photo shoot,
  • jewelry, like a mother-baby duo etc …

The baby shower will be a great memory for the mother-to-be so put her in the spotlight and make her happy!