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  • DIY means Do It Yourself! It refers to the creative activities you can do yourself in everyday life. This trend has developed over the last few years and even more so as a result of confinement. Indeed, with more time, people have enjoyed creating little things with what they had at home. Do you also want to have a "home made" touch for your wedding? You have a creative soul and you are manual? Then dare DIY for your guest gifts. Find the top 5 gifts to make yourself for your wedding!

  • What is elopement about? Elopement is used for intimate weddings. Indeed, those weddings are far from everything, in a small committee. However, this practice is not new! In the past, couples used to elope with the intention of getting married without the parents' permission. This was called "a runaway in love". Nowadays, more and more couples are choosing elopement for an atypical marriage, off the beaten track.

  • Getting married in sneakers: it's the bet of some of you and definitely a trend to follow this year! High heels all day long are not a piece of cake, even for the most beautiful day of your life. So take the plunge and trade in your pair of pumps for some pretty sneakers for your wedding day.

  • It is at the Sans Souci's castle, a true haven of peace not far from the center of Lyon, that this softness time took place. Surrounded by greenery and hundred-year-old trees, this historic place abounds in the most beautiful corners to take your wedding pictures!

  • A Baby Shower is THE fashionable party that all future mothers love. It comes straight from the United States and its goal is to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your baby. As its name suggests, the term "Shower", meaning shower, refers to the flood of gifts that the baby (or mom) will receive for his birth. In comparison, The Baby Shower is similar to a bachelorette party for weddings. Find out what you need to know to organize a baby shower like a pro!

  • Plexiglass is very present for wedding stationery this season. Whether for announcements, the welcome panel, the table plan, the menus… The “plexi” trend is very original! A concept that will surely surprise your guests. Finally, you can mix calligraphy and colors to match the spirit of your wedding. If you want a refined wedding stationery, plexiglas will be your best ally.

  • Your best friend is getting married and you are one of the bridesmaids ? Congratulations! In addition to the very important role that you are going to have on the wedding day, you will certainly have to organise the bachelorette party, an event that she will always remember. Find out how to organise a bachelorette party like a professional and without headache!

  • How the dress looks like ? Will it have a train ? A veil ? The guests are wondering all these things because the dress is certainly the most awaited thing at a wedding. Everyone is impatient to discover the queen of the day. The dress is an essential part for your wedding. Here are some tips to help you choosing the perfect wedding dress !

  • With the covid-19 epidemic hitting the world for several weeks, couples who have planned to get married in spring 2020 and the marriage providers have to adapt to this extraordinary situation. Should you cancel your wedding or wait until the storm has passed to postpone it ?

  • Bride and groom are often reluctant to call on a Wedding Planner to organise their wedding because of the cost of the service. They prefer to organise everything by themselves and they just delegate a few missions to their family or friends in order to discharge them on the D-Day. Find out why you should call on a Wedding Planner to organise your wedding ! Find out why you should offer you the services of a Wedding Planner to organize your wedding ! Find out why you should offer you the services of a Wedding Planner to organise your wedding !

  • Secular ceremonies, often in the open air, is increasingly attractive to the French people who really appreciate the friendly and moving aspect of this moment. If you want to provide rhythm and character to your celebration, here are the top 3 of the most famous rituals that will honnor your union !

  • Decoration is an essential element for your D-Day, it is part of your wedding identity and reflects your personality. To personalize your decoration and create a surprise, choose some hanging objects which are very trendy this year!

  • This year, weddings will be colourful ! Bright colours are making a comeback and taking the place of the neutral colours that have been seen in recent years. Whether it is in your floral decoration, in your outfits or accessories or even in the decoration of your venue, this year the colours are on the front line ! Here's what 2020 will bring for a colourful wedding.