6 ideas for telling your witnesses their role

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6 ideas for telling your witnesses their role

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Now that you are engaged, you have to make a choice : who will witness your wedding? Who will be the people who will support you throughout this beautiful adventure? First of all, what is the role of a witness? Your bestman and maid of honor are going to help you with the wedding preparations. Also they are testifying to the validity of your union. Finally they will support you in your married life if needed. This role is very important!
Therefore, choose people who know you well as witnesses. Indeed, it is very important to have by your side people you can trust and who will have at heart to honor the role you have entrusted to them.

Once you have made your choice, here are 7 original ideas for announcing to your witnesses their role for your wedding.

The handwritten letter

If you have a creative mind, let yourself be tempted by the handwritten letter. In the digital age, you can surprise your friends by writing them a beautiful declaration of friendship. At the end of the letter will of course be your request. Also, you can play the originality card by creating an advertisement for a position of responsibility. In addition, you can add to your letter a little guide to the perfect witness. This will remind you of the missions of the day and what his role will be.

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A balloon to deflate

Another solution is offered to you: the balloon to deflate! Indeed, you can send by parcel or bring directly to your future witness, a cardboard box containing a balloon and a pin. Inside the balloon will be a note inviting your friend, your sister or one of your cousins to become your best man. The surprise effect will be guaranteed!

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The witnesses memory box

In addition, there are nice boxes with explicit engravings to make your request. You can slide inside the box some souvenirs with the person who will be your witness. Whether it’s pictures, little words or stuffed animals, fill this box with sweet memories. You can also offer gifts to your future witnesses such as personalized bathrobes, badges or mugs. And why not add a packet of tissues for the beautiful emotions that await your witness.

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A scratch game

You wish to make your request to your wedding witness without waiting? The solution is the digital scratch game! All you have to do is send a link by SMS, email, or other electronic means. Then, your witnesses just have to click and scratch and the request will appear. And that’s an original request made! However, if you want to have a material memory that can be kept; then opt for a paper scratch card. There are all kinds of them, original or classy. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

The puzzle to put together

In the same playful style of the scratch game, we also have the puzzle to put together. All you have to do is offer your witnesses the puzzle in a small pouch and then they will just have to have fun putting the pieces together to understand the message. You can complete your request with a nice picture of you and your witness. Once again, many websites exist to create the ideal puzzle for your witnesses.

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For the greedy witnesses

Grab the greedy by the taste buds and feelings by making your request with food. What could be more appealing to someone who loves to eat than to discover that they will be the best man at your wedding on a cookie? What’s more, you can personalize any type of food to make your proposal. Whether it’s cupcakes, cookies, candy or macaroons … Choose something your best man likes to make him happy! Also, plan a little extra if your witnesses want to keep some as a souvenir.

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There are many ways to tell your witnesses about their important role in your wedding. Nothing prevents you from making different announcements to different witnesses. In any case, this moment will remain full of emotions and often unforgettable.