3 ideas for your wedding brunch

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3 ideas for your wedding brunch

The big day is over! You’re officially married and you’ve been partying all night long. But what about the next morning? Some of your guests will certainly have slept in or around; you’re not going to let them leave just like that? Brunch has been very fashionable for the last ten years, it is often popular with our happy couple. But the fact is that it remains a certain organization! In order to avoid this stress, ask your Wedding planner for some advice.

Here are 3 ideas for your brunch after your d-day.

The classic brunch

“Brunch” is the contraction of breakfast and lunch. You can ask to your caterer or your wedding planner to set everything up for you. Provide your guests with sweet things like pancakes, cereals, pastries or you can also make pancakes ! Moreover, the classic baguette/jam will always be great ! Also, you can have cookies personalized with your wedding date or with your last name.

A successfull brunch

Don’t forget the salty part. You can serve salads, cold cuts, cheese, scrambled eggs, salmon toast, quiches or bruschettas. Don’t forget a few vegetables to chew and fruit for the fresh side. In addition, provide a variety of beverages such as freshly squeezed fruit juice, lemonade or tea and coffee. Finally, you can put a few bottles of wine or beer.

brunch mariage

The food-trucks

On the other hand, you can also organize your brunch without using your caterer. Very trendy in recent years: the food-truck. Indeed, they are offering different culinary specialties. This will surprise your guests and they will appreciate the street-food side. Everyone can choose what they want to eat and this concept is particularly appreciated! You can choose a food-truck that will make American specialties: with good burgers or hot dogs. Otherwise Italian specialties are always very appreciated. A good pasta dish, a wood-fired pizza or a risotto. Finally, if you are particularly chauvinistic, there is nothing better than French specialties. Moreover, with its very varied gastronomy, France has enough to satisfy your guests.
However, don’t forget to offer some sweets. If your guests don’t like to mix sweet and savoury like at brunch, they will always like to end their meal on a sweet note.
Moreover, the food-truck concept can be cheaper than using your caterer. Be careful to make sure that the food-truck you choose travels in your region to avoid additional mileage costs.

food truck brunch
street food food truck wedding
food truck brunch
food truck wedding brunch

The barbecue brunch

New trend coming straight from the United States: the barbecue brunch. Americans being big fans of barbecue, it makes sense that they do it the day after the wedding. Whether the barbecue is done standing in a friendly way or sitting in a guinguette atmosphere, this moment will be very warm! Symbol of the convivial meal, the barbecue is perfectly adapted to the post-wedding meal. Grilled meats and vegetables, salads and cakes: all the elements are there to have a great time. And who doesn’t appreciate a good barbecue?

wedding barbecue

What should you wear for your brunch ?

Usually, the bride and groom want to be relaxed for brunch. The night has often been short and there’s no longer any question of being overdressed. You can have t-shirts personalized to match your husband’s outfit. A guaranteed success with your guests! Choose an outfit in which you feel comfortable to enjoy this beautiful day.

The day after the wedding is a very important moment and often appreciated by the bride and groom and their guests. Indeed, the pressure of the D-Day is relieved and the bride and groom can enjoy their loved ones. In addition, the number of people is less than the day before, which allows the bride and groom to talk with everyone.

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The brunch the day after your wedding allows you to prolong the festivities a little bit. End on a convivial note that you will remember for a while!