How to organise a bachelorette party

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How to organise a bachelorette party

Your best friend is getting married and you are one of the bridesmaids ? Congratulations! In addition to the very important role that you are going to have on the wedding day, you will certainly have to organise the bachelorette party, an event that she will always remember.

Find out how to organise a bachelorette party like a professional and without headache!

You have to understand the bride

It is very important to understand that you are not organising an event for you, but for the bride ! So, her wishes have to be in the front line. Do not organise something that doesn’t match with her personnality
For example, don’t plan some thrilling activities if it scares her. A photo shoot is not a good idea if she doesn’t like to be in front of the camera. Don’t push her to dress up with some crazy things if she doesn’t think that’s funny.

Costumes are absolutely not an obligation !

It was something fun a few years ago but not now ! You can choose instead a dress-code or some nice accesories but costumes and challenges in the streets are not so nice nowadays.

Then, if you want to be sure that the activities you plan will make the bride happy, you can ask her to make a black-list of the activities she doesn’t want to do. Make sure to be on the same page as your friend !

how to organise a bachelorette party

The organisation of a bachelorette party requires a good communication

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First of all, you have to contact the others bridesmaids or the persons in charge of the organisation.
Make a brainstorming to define the activities you would like to do, a price range for the budget, the duration of the event, the list of participants etc … Also, if you do not know all of the bride’s friends, do not hesitate to ask her to draw up the list of participants herself. Be sure not to forget anyone!
But, be careful not to plan a bachelorette party with too many people. Between 5 and 15 persons is fine, so that the bride can spend time with each girls.

The bachelorette party is getting fresh !

This is not just for girls ! If the bride has some very close male friends they can part of the party ! Some members of the family can be invited too. There are no rules, except respecting the bride wishes.

Meet all the participants

Then, it would be nice to meet all the participants to tell them the ideas you have. Of course, it also helps to check if everyone is on the same page. Ask everyone what their maximum budget is, this will then allow you to do your research according to everyone’s expectations. The budget will clearly define the bachelorette party ! You will not do the same thing over a day or over an entire weekend. Setting the budget is the most important thing to get started in organising. Also, you have to take into account that the bachelorette party is offered to the bride. Don’t forget to include her share in your budget!

Get to know each other

Actually, meeting the guests allows you to get to know each other before the bachelorette party and the wedding. Group cohesion is very important for a successfull bachelorette party. Also, think about the bride who probably doesn’t want to be in the middle of a heavy atmosphere.

Therefore, take advantage of this meeting to agree on the date of the bachelorette party. The sooner the date is blocked the better it will be because you will see that you are going to have a lot to manage !

how to organise a bachelorette party
how to organise a bachelorette party

Set up differents programs

Once you’ve got all the information regarding the guests avaibilities, an idea of the budget and the activities you want to do, you can set up differents programs trying to respect everyone wishes. However, do not make too much propositons otherwise it’s going to be difficult to choose. 3 differents programs would be enough to satisfy everyone.

To organise a bachelorette party means taking some decisions !

Your role is also to decide and make a decision for the group. Once the program is validated, you will have to recover the funds. You have several options : only one person advances the costs and the other participants give the money back to her. Or you can create a online pot, it’s free and nobody as to advance the money.

Finally, by anticipating this as much as possible, you give participants time to save money for the bachelorette party. Try to spread out the expenses so that it will be easier for all the participants.

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Have fun !

Of course, all those advice are okay if you have to organise a bachelor party ! The only thing you have to remember is to make happy the future bride and groom !

Those events will remain forever engraved so have fun and enjoy !