How to make a successfull ball opening ?

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How to make a successfull ball opening ?

The ball opening is one of the most awaited moments of the evening! According to tradition, the opening of the ball is between the father of the bride and the bride. They dance a waltz together and then the groom takes over.
However, this has changed a lot in recent years. The bride and groom are betting more and more on originality.

The traditionnal ball opening

To keep the authenticity, the waltz remains a classic. You can opt for the Viennese, slow or English waltz or the musette waltz. A few lessons taken beforehand will allow you to realize a ball opening out of the ordinary! However, for the more modest dancers, you can perform a slow dance. This dance doesn’t require any special skills or lessons, but it will give a lot of emotions!

Make it different !

On the other hand, you can choose originality and surprise your guests. Why not with a medley of songs. Start with a slow song and then move on to more rhythmic music to diversify the dance styles. Salsa, rock, bachata, boogie woogie, quick step … Anything goes!

Show off your dancing skills !

Some will make a personal creation for their ball opening. On the other hand, others will take up the famous dances from the greatest films, not to mention Dirty Dancing and its famous porter! Moreover, you can start your first dance alone and then be joined by your bridesmaids and bestmen. A good way to set the dance floor on fire and encourage the guests to come dancing. In both cases, call upon a professional who will teach you a choreography, this will avoid some unpleasant surprises.

A ball opening that your guest won’t forget !

You can also decide to do the opening dance only with your dad. For a dance full of emotion or to surprise your guests, in all cases the complicity will be there. Also, your husband can choose to surprise you by doing a dance with his bestmen. The evening will definitely be launched after that!

For a great opening ball, train yourself before !

In fact, to make your ball opening 100% successful, you need to plan well in advance. Prepare yourself and above all, practice. Whether it’s with your dad or your fiancé, there’s nothing like several rehearsals to make sure everything goes as planned on D-Day. However, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by stress. When you open your ball, everything will be different and your guests will not see if you have missed a step. All they’ll remember is the emotion of that moment. And especially that the evening can finally begin!

ball opening

Precautions to be taken

To make a beautiful ball opening, it is necessary to envisage some arrangements. Indeed, it should not be too long at the risk of annoying your guests. The ideal time for a song is about three minutes.
Also, check with your DJ beforehand that he has the same version of the song as the one you are practicing. This will save you a little stress when the time comes.

Finally, there is nothing like a good pair of shoes to make your ball opening. Bring a pair of sneakers or flats to make sure you’re comfortable. However, you’ll have to remember to lift up your dress a little bit so you don’t step on it. Often, brides who had a short dress for the civil wedding, put it back on for the ball opening. It is also a great opportunity to re-use your beautiful dress!

ball opening
ball opening

Some musics for your ball opening

Here are some musics for your first dance :

  • Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley
  • Miuda Linda – Nelson Freitas
  • Perfect Duet – Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé
  • What a wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
  • You never can tell – Chuck Berry
  • All of Me – John Legend
  • Come away with me – Norah Jones
  • Thinking out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  • Primavera – Ludovico Einaudi
  • Your Song – Elton John
  • I will always love you – Whitney Houston

Anyway, your ball opening can only go well. Have fun! It will remain a beautiful memory that will mark the beginning of a beautiful evening.