How to make an unforgettable wedding proposal

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How to make an unforgettable wedding proposal

You have decided to make your wedding proposal ? Congratulations! If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for the best way to make your proposal. Or maybe you need some ideas for a future wedding proposal? Your proposal must make sense to you as a couple. Also, think about everything that led you here. Take a deep breath and go for it!

Here are some ideas to help you prepare your proposal.

Your wedding proposal in a sentimental place

What could be cuter than bringing your loved one back to the place where you first met? It also works at the place of the first date! As you get ready to start a new adventure, it’s important to look back on your history as a couple. Plus, you can add a little touch of romance to the setting. For example, a bouquet of flowers and chocolates, a few candles or an arch of balloons. Don’t forget the champagne! Finally, by remembering the place where it all began, you will make this moment truly unforgettable.

The proposal at home

Proposing at home is always a good idea! In your family cocoon the surprise will be at its maximum. Here’s a fun way to make your proposal: print photos of your meeting and hang them around the house like an art gallery. When your partner looks at the photos, make sure that the last one she sees will allude to the proposal. Finally, when she asks you what that photo is, use it as a signal to get down on your knees and say the magic words!

Or abroad

You want to go abroad? Do you like to travel with your partner and that has an important place in your couple? Then make your proposal in an idyllic setting far from your everyday life. Thus, you have the choice between several destinations to realize the wedding proposal of your dreams. Think of the destination you have preferred or a destination you dream of discovering together. Love will be there and the proposal will be unforgettable

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Bold wedding proposals

In the wild

Do you love nature and wide open spaces? Opt for a beautiful hike to make your proposal! The adventure can take any form and the possibilities are numerous. Plan to walk to reach a beautiful observation point for sunset. Finally, when the sky begins to turn into a colorful masterpiece, it’s time to express your love and make your beautiful proposal.

Or in the air

As for daring marriage proposals, floating in the sky surrounded by clouds is pretty epic, right? So you might opt for a hot air balloon ride. The advantage is that you can have a picnic while floating, put on background music and share a glass of champagne. In short, the ideal environment to make your proposal! What is certain is that this moment will remain a romantic memory that you will probably never forget.

For thrill seekers

Then, if you like thrills, what better than a skydiving jump to make your proposal? Love will definitely be in the air! A proposal during a skydiving jump is one of the most original ideas to make your proposal and your half will be amazed!

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The wedding proposal that includes your loved ones

Organize a surprise party! If you know that your partner would like to share this moment of joy with everyone you love, then organize an engagement party! It takes a little planning, so don’t hesitate to let your loved ones know. Also, ask your friends to organize the party while you are in the process of proposing. Indeed, this is the ideal option if you want to propose privately but celebrate the good news immediately afterwards with your friends and family.
Tips : Give your partner a reason to get dressed up because the party will be great!

Fun wedding proposals

A treasure hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt with clues that will lead you to some of your favorite places. For one thing, choose places that are important to you as a couple such as where you had your first kiss or your favourite restaurant. On the other hand, get the store owners to help you distribute the clues. You can also plan a small gift at each stop. The last clue should lead you to the place where you will propose. Finally, one last riddle will have to be solved with the long-awaited question.

A poem or a love song

A sweet attention that always leaves beautiful memories! You can write a few words for your partner and open your heart to him/her in song. If you are a musician, don’t hesitate to compose a unique song for this beautiful occasion. However, if music is not your forte, you can always write a poem or write a letter to your partner. Sometimes it is easier to express yourself in writing and your request will remain engraved forever.

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Ladies, you can also take the plunge and make your proposal! This is no longer reserved for men. So if you want to surprise your spouse, you know what you have to do!

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What is the best way to propose?

Only you can decide! Stay yourself and do something that fits your couple. If you don’t know what to do, turn to a professional. Indeed, your wedding planner will be able to propose and put in place the wedding proposal of your dreams. One thing is sure, your proposal will be unique and will remain a magical moment!!