Getting married in sneakers : the new trend

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Getting married in sneakers : the new trend

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Getting married in sneakers: it’s the bet of some of you and definitely a trend to follow this year! High heels all day long are not a piece of cake, even for the most beautiful day of your life.

So take the plunge and trade in your pair of pumps for some pretty sneakers for your wedding day.

Getting married in sneakers is possible!

Nowadays, sneakers are an integral part of our wardrobe: to go to work, to the restaurant, to go out… Whether with a dress or jeans, we use them all the time and for everything! So why not for your wedding?

No matter what style you choose, it will fit your outfit. With your dress, whether it’s long or short, a jumpsuit or a suit, sneakers go with everything.
However, for the more skeptical, you can keep your high heels for your ceremony and then go flat out for the evening!

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Your feet will thank you 

It is obvious that pumps are not the most comfortable. Even if you buy quality shoes, your feet will suffer during the marathon that is a wedding day. That’s why, with sneakers, you’re sure to be able to enjoy them to the fullest. Nothing can stop you from setting the dance floor on fire all night long. Plus, with flat shoes, no worries: blisters and sore feet are forgotten! And especially no uncertain gait to reach the altar!

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Be original !

Midnight rings and your 12cm heels turn into super comfortable sneakers! Choose the pair that best suits your style: canvas or leather, cotton or tulle laces that can remind you of your dress or even sneakers with velcro. Whether you like them high or low, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!.

Dare the colors

/p>Indeed, you can opt for colorful models for a more rock look. Pink, red, yellow, blue … Treat yourself! Anything goes, it’s your wedding !

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The classic white sneakers

On the contrary, if you prefer something more classic, white sneakers are for you. Notably Stan Smith or Converse. Also, you can perfect your look with a pair of this new French and eco-responsible brand: squamate. This brand offers mixed sneakers that will perfectly finalize your look as well as your husband’s one.

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In addition, you can also have your shoes personalized. For example, write your first name, last name or your wedding date. Or even a phrase or expression that represents your couple. Moreover, it will remain a great souvenir for you!

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Getting married in sneakers is super stylish

You can also decide to wear the same shoes as your half, this will definitely make an impression on your guests! Moreover, we have seen for a few years now many brides and grooms who have been replacing city shoes with sneakers and we love this trend! Also, sneakers can be the differentiating sign of your witnesses. Finally, nothing prevents you from throwing a dress-code to your guests: everyone takes out their most beautiful pair of sneakers!

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Now it’s up to you to choose your perfect sneakers for your beautiful day!