Covid-19 : should you cancel or delay your wedding ?

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Covid-19 : should you cancel or delay your wedding ?

Should you cancel or delay your wedding ? That is the question ! With the covid-19 epidemic hitting the world for several weeks, couples who have planned to get married in spring 2020 and the marriage providers have to adapt to this extraordinary situation.

So, with this covid-19 epidemic, should you cancel or delay your wedding ? Here are some advice to handle this situation.

Do not cancel your wedding because of the covid-19

If your wedding is planned before summer, canceling it permanently would be a big mistake! The situation is, of course, particularly uncertain. But, what there is one thing you are sure about is that you want to get married, right?

That’s right, everything is not going to happen exactly as you thought. But it would be silly to give up everything with all the energy and time spent organising your wedding.

Furthermore, you have certainly already paid a deposit. You risk to loose everything by canceling your wedding. Also, think about marriage providers who may not be able to survive if the season is completely canceled.

However, as a precaution it would be better to postpone your wedding in a few months.

When and how reschedule your wedding ?

We don’t really know when things will get back to normal. Even when the lockdown will be done there is a good chance that the gatherings will remain prohibited for a few weeks. But you can contact your town hall or the prefecture, to be informed of the development of the situation in your area.

First, before setting a new date, you should contact all your providers. Negociate with them to delay all the services provided. You will see that your providers will understand, they are also affected by this situation. In this major case it will be better for them to postpone than to see all their weddings canceled.

Then, you can suggest to your providers many days and you will see when they are free. They will always make sure to arrange it for you, seeing that you are also doing your best. In this very exceptional situation, solidarity will be required!

In conclusion, the best thing to do is to reschedule your wedding in 2020. So that you won’t have to wait another year before you can get married. As you know the bride and groom organise their wedding several months in advance. So, many dates in 2021 are already booked.

In addition, by deferring to next year, you take the risk of having to change some of your providers. And therefore the identity of your wedding. If your wedding is postponed for the fall-winter 2020 season, you will see all the possibilities to organise an amazing winter wedding!

Overall, you understood that the faster you fix a new date the better it would be!

Think about your guests !

And of course, do not forget to warn your guests as soon as possible. Especially if they are coming from abroad !

It happens thats guests block the date for you and sometimes they request a day off. So don’t waste time telling them that your wedding is rescheduled.

You can send them an e-mail but be sure that everyone has received the information by asking a confirmation message.

Even if the situation is really complicated, you are still surrounded by professional marriage providers. They are here to advise and appease you! If you don’t feel confortable with this situation, you probably should call on a Wedding Planner to help you organizing your wedding day !

The covid-19 epidemic is not a reason to cancel your wedding. Take time to postpone it. Don’t worry, your wedding will always be the most beautiful day of your life !